Presenting STITCHED: A Film by Garth Ennis

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New This Week: STITCHED #11


What began as Garth Ennis’ modern tale of horror rooted in ancient, supernatural legend continues with Mike Wolfer and the amazing new artist Fernando Furukawa! Hidden in an opulent mansion in the jungles of Sri Lanka, antiquities collector Phillip Strathmore has just arranged for the purchase of the crown jewels of his incredible menagerie: The…

STITCHED #11 – Sneak Preview


  This Wednesday, Mike Wolfer brings you a tale of horror in the jungle, as the last known remaining Stitched are delivered to a collector – who is one of the few people on Earth who know what the Stitched are… and how they began! Here is a sneak peek of Stitched #11…

Sneak Preview – Stitched Vol 1 Collection

For all those who wanted to try the comic, but were “waiting for the trade,” here is your chance. Arriving this Wednesday in comic stores everywhere; a Trade Paperback, Hard Cover, and a special Signed Hard Cover Edition (limited to 500 copies and signed by Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer) collecting the first complete story arc!…

New This Week – STITCHED #9


Mike Wolfer‘s action-packed story arc continues with this week’s Stitched #9! Before this arc ends, you will learn how the curse of the Stitched began! On a nondescript ship sailing for Sri Lanka, a dubious businessman will do anything to protect a most incredible and horrific cargo hidden below deck. But it is that cargo which…